"I always dreamt to have perfect straight teeth and now that I could afford the cost, I thought I was well passed my teenager time to wear the traditional metal brace. One day I was passing by Simply Bright and my attention was caught by the elegant and neat practice, which advertised a new invisible way of straightening your teeth. I booked an appointment immediately, and I was well impressed by the professional service recieved and the friendly staff there. Throughout my treatment I have found the dentists to be really honest and extremely caring. I am nearly at the end of my treatment and I am very happy with the results that I have got so far. I will recommend Simply Bright to all my family and friends because for the first time I find it a pleasure to go to the dentist".


"I was in need of extensive dental work after many years of normal wear and tear and neglect as you experience over the span of a lifetime. I initially walked in to Simply Bright as I was suffering a toothache and was impressed with the building's modern and clean facade. The staff were exceptionally friendly and I was seen immediately by Dr Achal Prashad who after a check up and X-ray, diagnosed my problem and offered treatment. 

I was in the fortunate position soon after to see about recieveing cosmetic treatment and based on my previous encounter at Simply Bright, I unhesitatingly booked in to see Dr Prashad for his advice. I found his friendly and professional demeanour very reassuring and that he was very responsive to my concerns and fears. 

I received treatment over several weeks and as the procedure progressed I actually looked forward to each visit in stark contrast to people's normal dentistry experience. I was always kept well informed of the process and improvement was evident with each step. The end result of the painless treatment was a much enhanced set of teeth. 

I can honestly say that my overall experience with Dr Achal and Dr Deepa Prashad and the professional and friendly staff at Simply Bright was very satisfying, has improved my confidence and left me smiling!"

Murray Reeves

"I have known Mr. Prashad for quite a few years now, in fact right from the time he was newly qualified to practice dental surgery. I have been "so impressed" with his dental skills, most friendly and very respectful approach to his patients, that I have in fact followed him from his early days in Shirley, Croydon to Church Street, Croydon, to Colliers Wood and now to Beckenham.

Personally, I have had a great deal of experience of many dentists, going right back to the mid 1950's, so you will see that I speak from a position of some strength in this matter.

Mr. Prashad's knowledge is first class and he has the most calming, excellent and professional manner. He is extremely courteous, polite and very friendly and I have absolutely no doubt - would put "any" patient at their ease, young or old.

I know for a fact that he has patient's who travel to see him for surgery from as far afield as Cornwall and Hertfordshire. This does not surprise me in view of his abilities as a true professional."

Mr John S Langridge

"I had always had a concern about my smile and especially a crooked front tooth which I was always conscious of.  In the past I had many consultations, but was never completely happy or convinced about the treatment options.

I found Simply Bright on the internet and was very impressed at their professional website and the fact that they were offering a free consultation.  I was very impressed by the courteous staff and modern clean premises.  At my consultation Dr Prashad carried out an in depth consultation and for the first time ever explained the ins and outs of the treatment process.

I felt at ease and confident of Dr Prashad's ability and did not hesitate to commence treatment with her.  It was the small attention to detail that I was impressed with such as Dr Prashad giving me her mobile telephone number in case I had any problems and a courtesy call every now and again to find out if I had any problems.

I am almost at the end of my Invisalign treatment now and am very happy with the results.  Thank you Simply Bright for giving me the smile I always desired"

Mr M S Patel

"I was recommended by my daughter in law I live in France and have not been satisfied with the treatment I have received so much so I asked my daughter in law.

My first impression when I entered was a very nice clean decor which makes you relax straight away. I thought this looks very professional.

The receptionist was very welcoming and attentive, and made one feel at ease. Mr Prashad instantly makes you feel at ease.

As for the treatment, I have had two crowns and a mouth guard made, and the treatment has been excellent. At no time have I felt nervous he is very solititous for your wellbeing. I have had some terrible dentists in the past, but thankfully I have found the perfect one, and I shall always come back for my dental treatments. I cannot praise him more highly - very very professional. I am delighted to have him."

Valerie Wall Artiguenabe Eyers Moncube

"Although we weren't able to display all the Testimonials

received, we would like to thank all our customers for their kind

words and support over the years."

Team at Simplybright